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Hi if you are here this is about the Renovation of Lambeau Field and I think this is the best thing that can happen to the Packers and the Fans. But we can use your help to make this come true. So Please go to the Packers Site and find out how you can help.  We've got a chance to make this the best looking and the envy of the NFL.

Lambeau Field Renovation Update

      Good News:  the effort to preserve Lambeau Field has passed its first hurdle!!!  On friday the 24th of March the state assembly passed Assembly Bill 892. The Bill will enable Brown County voters to decide in a referendum whether or not to impose a half penny sales tax to help removate Lambeau Field.

    The Bill is a product of Consensus among the Team, Brown County elected officials and State Legislators. And here's what they came up with.

Under the Revised Bill

* Residents who want to can contribute to Lambeau Field on their taxes.
   ** What you contribute would increase any tax due or decrease funds

* Season ticket Holders
  ** recoup the cost whenever they surrender their tickets
      *** the next person on the waiting list would have to pay the cost before he or she gets the tickets

* TV Blackout Ban
  ** on a 7-5 vote , Rep. John Ryba won approval of an amendment that would require the Packers to purchase any unsold tickets to ensure live local telecasts of games.

* Brick Sale
  ** to help raise money the district could sell engraved tilies or bricks that would be displayed in the renovated stadium.


Here's what the Packers have to have.

The Cost

Total Cost:  $295 million

* Concourses,Concession area and Building enclosure  :   $76.5 Million
*  Mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems             :   $40     Million
* Seating in the stadium bowl                                       :     $25    Million
* Rest rooms                                                               :     $11    Million
* Site, parking and infrastructure                                    :    $10     Million
* Ramps                                                                      :     $9       Million
* Elevators and escalators                                            :     $4.5     Million
* Demolition to create new seating areas
    and concourses                                                        :     $ 4       Million

The Payment Plan

* Packers season ticket holders $92.5 Million
     * Green Bay season ticket holders go
        to seven games are asked to
         pay $ 1,400 a ticket
     * Milwaukee season ticket holders
        go to three games and are asked
        to pay $ 600 a ticket
* Green Bay Packers stock proceeds $20.4 Million
* the NFL loan the Packers $ 13 Million
Public Money
* The Packers want to raise $160 Million from
    a 0.5 percent sales tax levied in Brown County
* The Packers also are asking the state legislature to
   approve $9.1 Million in state funding for the
   stadium infrastructure.
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The Amenities

New Seating Capacity
71,000. About 6,000 of
the 10,000 new seats would
be created by adding several
rows to the top of the bowl.

Luxury boxes
The number would drop
from, 198 to 167 but the new
ones would be larger and
cost more. They would be
located on the west side
of the stadium.
Club Seats
The number of indoor club
seats would increase from
1,920 to 3,060 and 3,200
new outdoor club seats
would be added on the east
side of the stadium.
Concession areas
The number would increase
from 186 permanent and
portable sites to 282
general areas.

Parking stalls
The number on the stadium
grounds would be reduced
from 5,525 to 4,900

The number would double.

Five-story atrium
The new structure on the east side of the stadium would
include 25,000 square feet for the Packer Hall of Fame,
about 5,000 square foot more than in the current facility,
and 8,000 square for a retail store to sell Packers
merchandize, about 6,300 square feet more than in the
current facility.

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