Pagel's Farm

Pagel's American Ginseng Farm is located in the heart of Marathon County's prime growing region. The Pagel's have been grower of quality American ginseng for over 20 years. Their care and quality control in every aspect of growing, harvesting and dry curin of the roots have established Pagel's American Ginseng Farm as one of the leading growers in the region.

Using the same care and quality control, the Pagel's are now offering their ginseng, Farm Fresh...Direct to you. Pagel's American ginseng is offered in capsules, capsule combinations, root powder, whole fresh and dried roots,and a unique hand and body cream with ginseng.

All products are packaged under a controlled environment, to ensure the freshest products to you. All American ginseng used in our products is 100%pure. Please consider the fact that using cultivated American ginseng will not deplete the natural wild ginseng resource.

If you have any questions you can e-mail us.