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Head Coach

Mike Sherman

Age:  45
Born: 19 Dec. 1954
Where: Noewood, Mass.
Family: Wife: Karen
   Daughters: Sarah, Emily
      Sons: Mathew, Benjamin

Coaching Background

Twenty-one years of coaching
experience, incuding 16 on the
college level and three in the

Coaching Career

NFL. Sherman entered the
1979 Stamford High School NFL on an invitation from
1981- 82 Univerisity of Pittsburgh Mike Holmgren to become
1983- 84 Tulane the Green Bay Packers' tight
1985- 88 Holy Cross ends coach in 1997. He went
1989- 93 Texas A&M to Seattle with Holmgren in
1994 UCLA 1999 to become the
1995- 96 Texas A&M Seahawks' offensive
1997- 98 Green Bay Packers coordinator. Sherman's only
1999 Seattle Seahawks head coaching position has
been at Stamford (Conn.)
High School.

Playing Background

Offensive lineman and linebacker
at Central Connecticut State
University (1974, 1976- 77).

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