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Trivia Questions and Answers

1.)  Where was the first place the Packers played at ???                Answer:   Hagemeister Park (1919- 1922)
2.)  The Gren Bay Packers was started by two gentleman
       by the names of Curly Lambeau and who???
              Answer:  George Calhoun
3.)    When was the first Super Bowl held???                                   Answer: 1966
4.) Where did the Packers get Brett Favre????                                     Answer:   Atlanta Falcons
How many Head Coaches has the Green Bay Packers Had???        Answer:     13
In Super Bowl I who did the Packers play ???

R= Right    W= Wrong  D= Didn't answer Question

Persons Name Q. 1 Q. 2 Q. 3 Q.4 Q.5
Dave Ballard W D D D D
Bob Johnson D W D D D
Lynn Klinker W R D
Wayne Gehrke W D