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Feel free to answer what questions you wish, but make sure if you answer only one question hit the submit button at the end so I can recieve them.  If you answer the Poll Question than it will go on a Poll page so everyone can see it.  If you want to e-mail me
Tell us what you think about our web site or anything else that comes to mind. We welcome all of your comments and suggestions. The trivia question will be changed every week on a sunday and the answers will also be put up then on the Trivia Page.  So stop by and see what the answers are.   The Poll Answers are on the Poll Page. Please put your e-mail address after your done.  It's on the bottom of this page  Thanks

Trivia question
In Super Bowl I who did the Packers Play ???

Dallas Cowboys    Kansas City Chiefs  Oakland Raiders New Orleans Saints
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Poll Question
  How do you think Mike Sherman did this year ???? And Why ???

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