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OK  I said that we would have a joke page on this site and this will be it. When other teams comes on here Please don't get mad, like I said there will be jokes about the Packers too. There will not be any really raunchy jokes about any teams on here.So saying all this here's the first one.


A man walked into a bar, sat down beside this big burly guy, turning to him and asked, "wanna hear a good joke about the Vikings?"    The man stiffened and slowly turned to the 'intruder' and glaring at him said, "Look Pun, I'm 6' tall, weigh 210lbs andam a Viking fan." "See the guy next to me, well he is 6'2" tall , weghts 220 lbs and he's a Viking fan." and you see the guy sitting next to him,well he's6' 4" tall weights 240 lbs and he's a Viking fan."   "Now how many jokes about the Vikings dou you want to tell?"                                                                                                                                                  The 'intruder' sat there a few minutes looking his bar neighor dead in the eye and matter-of-fackly said, "I don't guess any, ad I don't want to have to explainthe joke to all three of you."

This joke was sent to me by Lisbeth                                                                                                   Thanks

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